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The Naturally Yours Wellness Centre

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Bryanston shop 03The Naturally Yours Wellness Centre is situated on the corner of Main and Culross Roads in the heart of bustling Bryanston/ Fourways, Sandton area, opposite the Dimension Data Campus. The Centre is pioneering a ground-breaking concept in wellness promotion. It offers a range of complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine and retail stores, all under one roof.

The Centre was inspired after the 2001 Heal South Africa Campaign. It represents a new beginning in many ways, including the introduction of industrial hemp (the building boasts the first hemp bricks in the country), organically certified food, community empowerment, earth sustainability projects, Craniosacrial, Ozone Therapy, Kinesiology and colour therapy together with spiritual upliftment and counselling.

The system to which we all adhere should, to all intents and purposes, serve ‘humans’ (i.e. hue = colour + man). Sadly, much of what we consider ‘normal’ in our society today does not serve us as human beings. The banking system serves the wealthy and not the man in the street. Our education system does not serve our children. The agricultural system encourages extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides which in turn poison our planet. We have created a media industry which exposes our children to sex and violence. Despite this we still chose to support nonsustaining systems.

Where did we lose the plot?

The Centre plans to exert an influence on our society, starting with farming. Future plans include greater emphasis on organic farming, health and adult education. This, in time, will extend to a barter system and a new banking system.

Others plans include ‘Your Birthing Centre’, ‘Your School’, ‘Your Retreat’, and ‘Your Old Age Home’, amongst others.

According to Architect, Anthony Erb, (who, aptly completed his architectural thesis entitled ‘In search of a Healing Space’), the design of the building reflects the shape of an ammonite shell, using the natural, sacred geometric form known as the Golden Mean.

The Centre is partially constructed from industrial hemp known as Ma by the Chinese. Industrial hemp is becoming increasingly recognised as a versatile and environmentally- friendly building material. The raw materials, imported from France, were made into bricks by local builders, as the local hemp industry is still in its infancy.

The Centre has a coffee, juice and light meal area as well as a conference facility, hair care specialist, Weleda Pharmacy and holistic day spa. The Centre is designed to provide a central gathering-point for maintaining good health. Practitioners, representing knowledge systems from all corners of the planet, from a western medial doctor, an iridologist, a chiropractor, masseurs, homeopaths, a podiatrist, psychologists, nutritionists, to a Chinese acupuncturist, as well as indigenous therapies, are available to address the full range of health needs. All therapists are regarded as amongst the best in their specific disciplines.

These therapies must become main stream. Too much harm is being done by those who approach health and healing from a commercial and non-holistic perspective. Many of us are polluting our bodies as the result of the conventional approaches to farming and medicine. Oestrogen is being fed to animals and is getting into our food and water, increasing the incidence of cancer in both men and women. These hormones never leave the food chain. Male fertility levels are down by 50% in 50 years.

“Those who have a vision of something to be born anew must stand together in unity for a new society. The building stands as a bastion representing new birth.”

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