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Chamilla's Vision - Prototype of an Eco village

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Chamilla 1I am a successful business woman in my own right. When I look at my life currently in South Africa I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with this western way of living. I feel I am paying more and more taxes to support an un-sustainable way of life. Nothing serves me. The farming system that provides my food does not serve me, or the earth, the pharmaceutical system does not serve my health. It does not prolong life, sustain life, elongate life, support life or any of the things that a normal human being needs in order to have a normal balanced, harmonious life.

The economic system only serves the rich resulting in the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The education system strives to make our children zombies who are afraid to voice and be their individual selves. The reason that we go to school for 12 years is that this is how long it takes to mould people to be so called 'law abiding citizens' who don't question the system. In short I believe I am currently living in a grid that does not serve me on any level. I wish to create a new grid that will serve my children and all children on all levels. This would not involve destroying the old grid just replacing it with a more human friendly system.


I recently visited a community in Mpumalanga. I found that there were very few people living there between the ages of 18 and 60. They have all seen on their newly acquired TVs that life is much better in the cities. They have taken the corrugated iron from their roofs and gone into the cities in search of a better life. They have left behind their plantations, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chickens, goats and cows, to find themselves in a shack village on the side of a highway and eek out a living by leaving home around 4am and get home at 8pm, paying as much as 33% of their salary to transport for no benefit at all. 4 Million tax payers now support 80 million people in South Africa according to German statistics. The pressure on the cities is reaching breaking point. Back home, the women are struggling to till the soil and make ends meet as the local governments in the rural areas have totally collapsed.


I would like to create a model for a sustainable community where all benefit including the rural people, the earth, our children and us. I propose we make alliances with tribal leaders. Land cost is then minimal and simple structures can be erected using the latest off the grid technology. This would create work and the stress of bonds etc would be alleviated while providing jobs, top class education and produce namely organically grown food and medicinal herbs.


As I see it, the only help we will need is for a community centre to be established which has a kitchen and dining room, a hall, therapy rooms, a shop and an office. A few class rooms and some rooms for elderly people as well as some workshops. It will also need a good ablutions facility.
This will be the heart of the community. My vision would be that we would be able to from here reinvigorate the whole area, free from rates and taxes and the huge pressures of the cities.

I would like to create a simple home for around R 50 000 to R 100 000 using the latest technologies to reduce the strain on the planet with the focus on Eco friendly and sustainable. This would be a donation to the community with the home being owned by you until you or your family no longer need it. I would like to see people contributing their skills and receiving the fruits from others with minimal purchasing from outside, which would be self funded. Herbs and food would be sold to maintain roads and buildings. I am sure there are models out there that we can adopt. It will not be a hippy community but a community of highly educated, skilled, professionals who are successful, hardworking individuals.

We would not be high profile but quietly doing our own thing. I envisage we need to work 5 hours a day doing what we love and can do. We also have a system of creating money using the current financial grid.

I bring this with the highest intention to live my life for the greatest good of all. The motto will include 'do no harm'. The laws that govern us would closely look at nature and see how nature deals with the problem herself.

May this initiative be a blessing to all that have the courage to be part of it.

Chamilla Sanua

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