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Lebombo Recuperation Centre


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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!

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Lebombo Recuperation Centre

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LebomboLebombo Recuperation Centre

Lebombo Intentional Community

Unplug at an off the grid healing world heritage site in a tribal authority in sunny South Africa. We live in an open heart environment.

Restore your health through healthy eating and cooking food directly picked from the permaculture, organic garden. Add butter made from our grass fed cows or have an egg freshly laid by our chickens on our working farm.

Regenerate and Recover

Restore your health and sleep patterns.

Have time to write a book or just a journal. Be creative. Paint, draw or write poetry.

Lose lots of weight though working on an active farm. We have found you can lose  about 10 kgs in 3 weeks.

Reconnect with your purpose in life. Sleep like a baby again. Sleep your tiredness away. Restore your sleeping patterns by connecting with the stars and the night and day. Recover from depression, burnout and chronic conditions in our African pristine nature. Put your hands in the earth and feel the warmth of the sun.

If you feel up to it, get involved with animals and plants. Teach underprivileged children. Make palette furniture. Learn about medicinal plants and permaculture. Bird watch or play music. We have wonderful African drums and instruments.

Walk in the mountains and explore where no man has explored before. Magnificent waterfall and rivers flowing through ancient riverbeds and pristine vegetation on a world heritage site. Pan for gold or collect interesting rocks and stones. Find century’s old artifacts. Visit the Big Foot or just take in the natural beauty of the place.

Visit the bustling town of Elukwatini or go to the local tavern for a drink. Meet the headman or our local Chief.

It is a WiFi free zone. Safe. Free from light and noise pollution. The area is poison free. Harvest food on harvest day or go to Johannesburg to sell the produce. Become real again. Find yourself. Find your life in the friendly country of South Africa. We organize surgical recovery sagaries.

We give expert medical advice and have a wide range of medical experts and technology available.

Minimum stay is 4-6 weeks.

Includes medical supervision and advice but excludes blood tests where required, any massages, saunas or other medical interventions.

2800 euro per month full board.

Where to start your health journey.

•           Avoid all junk food and liquids

•           Eat organic fresh food and breathe fresh air

•           Drink charged distilled mineralized water

•           Wear only natural fibers and live and work in environmentally healthy homes and buildings

•           Exercise and relax daily

•           Forgive the unforgivable and don’t take life too seriously


                 Land at Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg. Transfer to our town house at Exeter road, 33 Stratton Ave, Bryanston

Freshen up

Transfer to our Integrative Wellness Center, Naturally Yours at 453 Main Rd Bryanston, corner Culross and Ealing Crescent

Here you will have a full assessment with Chamilla Sanua and will have the opportunity to attend appointments (pre booked) with any of our practitioners.

Dr Sanua – Homeopath and IV treatments Dr Annalise Bunce - homeopath for Live blood analysis
Aneesha Kohji – Pain clinic, ozone sauna and far infrared sauna. Age smart skincare centre
Julie Beattie – Theraphi practitioner and Plasma energy products Dr Hugo of Hugo Aesthetics
Physio @ Merryn Intimacy couching with Tracy Jacobs
Dr Bradley Sandler- Chiropractor Kerry Lopes - Psychologist
Tasneem Hassen- Podiatrist Dietitians Janisha Merchant
Willem Smuts - Allergy testing Dr Rohan Budree – Homeopath and Allergy testing
Dr Svetlov Bulatov homeopath Pilates & Yoga with Toni Burdack

You will purchase any products you require from our health orientated pharmacy.

Lunch and dinner will be provided at the Centre.

On the next day we will make our way to Lebombo Mountain Village to start the program.

Each day will be designed to specifically meet your needs.

We will decide on the way forward with a diet plan etc.

You will be brought back to Naturally Yours if necessary, for Saunas, ozone, pain therapies etc or further assessments every 2 weeks if required. Accommodation will be provided.

Full board and assessments with Chamilla Sanua is included. Other treatments with practitioners at Naturally Yours will be charged for by the practitioner. All nutraceuticals required from the Weleda Pharmacy will be for your account.

Call Chamilla Sanua on 0027 82 456 2897



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