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Lebombo Mountain Village


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Lebombo Mountain Village

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Lebombo Mountain Village 

Recuperation and Retreat

Lebombo Mountain Village is a self sustainable, non racial, non sexist, free from religious bias and off the grid conscious community. We base our philosophy on an Anastasia type principle.

We were given about 16000 hectares by a chief to develop our dream.

Our dream is to create a so called parallel grid as we have realized that with all my current effort and taxes I am not contributing to anything that serves me as an individual or humanity at large. Our dream is not to attack the old grid, which include a medical, education, farming, political, social etc system that does not serve me, to a new grid that is parallel to this system that does serve us all. It is our belief that all we need to do is link with other like minded people who have a similar philosophies of life and make ourselves known so that others may join a better system. The old system will then become contracted or become redundant.

This project at Lebombo Mountain village is for sustainable living based on best practice farming techniques. It incorporates biodyanamic techniques and permaculture design. We are part of a bigger picture. We work hand in hand with a local chief and headman to produce healthy organic fruit and vegetables.

Off the grid living in harmony with nature

  • Clean food
  • Clean water
  • Free from pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Non Genetically modified seeds
  • We use only heritage seeds and compost
  • We do companion planting
  • We work with the bugs, beetles, birds and bees
  • We ferment our foods
  • Many of today's health issues come from poor gut flora. We need to re flora rise out colons through eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut, Kampuchea, kefir, kimchi and good quality yoghurt.



Lebombo Mountain Village and Off the grid experience


We cater for people who would like to experience real farm living on a conscious off the grid farm in a tent, caravan or Swazi hut.

The farm is situated on a world heritage site. It is 16000 hectares. It's a real different experience eating food straight from the garden. No lights at night only the stars and lanterns and the sound of Africa.

Experience integrated systems design by walking our permaculture gardens

Being a health focused retreat, Umpakatsi is the ideal space in which to overcome addictions and while we recognise and encourage the healing value of all plant medicines including cannabis, recreational use of substances are not allowed.

All this is situated 3.5 hours (350 kms) from Johannesburg.

Suitable for permaculture retreats, survival courses, leadership courses, school camps if you want a wild bush, river and waterfall experience.

Single women are welcome as it is a home from home family experience.

We have drumming circles, fires at night and fun learning about nature and farming. It's an experience not to be missed in this lifetime.

Snakes not a problem. Safe and a real treat on many levels


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 

Tel: 082 456 1897

How to find us

S 26'09'05,65"  E 30'57'22,81"

Go on the N 4 towards Witbank and just after the Alzu guarage stop turn right to Carolina. Go through Carolina over the railway line and immediately turn right towards Amsterdam direction to Oeshoek on the N17 ( 96 kms from here) At the t junction turn left to Amsterdam towards Orshoek and the Oeshoek boarder. 4 kms from the boarder turn left to Diepgeset.

Travel 10 kms on a bad dust road. Pass a blue house on the Left. Go over a river bed then turn left. There will be a pink house on the right. Go straight keeping left through the village. Go straight over 3 rivers. It's a thatch home. Welcome.

Click to download the brochure for Lebombo Recuperation Centre

Some numbers you may need:

  • Chamilla Sanua 0824561897
  • Enoch our headman (076) 5290621


Enjoy our beautiful world

Please see below for brochure downloads


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IMG 0751 IMG 1765 Lebombo Village
 Lebombo Trails  IMG 3677  IMG 3680
 IMG 1698  IMG 1695  IMG 0576



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